Flight Through the Universe

Sit back and relax to enjoy a whirlwind tour of the universe in the planetarium cinema. Start by spotting a few stars before taking off for a quick tour of the solar system and then flying out further than any astronaut or spacecraft has been, exploring different parts of space to complement the current science centre theme...

Imagine sitting in a planetarium cinema seat within a moving universe, with a live presenter taking you on a personal tour of space using high quality data from spacecraft and telescopes...

This show is the closest to understanding the true scale and magnitude of the universe that an average human can get. Travel further than any astronaut and spacecraft, faster than the speed of light, to discover the true positions of stars and galaxies.

Each show is unique as the live presenter navigates the three-dimensional virtual environment in real-time and responds to the sights that come into view. If you think Mars is a long way, wait until you lose sight of the Milky Way in the distance.

During weekends and school holidays, Flight Through the Universe is often tailored by the presenter to fit with the current theme here at the centre. Therefore, the exact content of each show will vary, with each visit offering a slightly different experience. For example, some shows may focus solely within the Solar System, on certain planets, or on our night time sky. Content may also be adapted depending on the age-range of the audience.

At Winchester Science Centre we offer different planetarium show environments, including chatterbox, relaxed and quiet shows. To find out more about these, click here.


£3.50 with General Admission or £6.60 standalone.

Tickets can be purchased online as planetarium-only or combined with a general entry ticket to the Science Centre.

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Visual warning: this show is not recommended for anyone who suffers from balance disorders and/or extreme motion sickness.