Want to see some explosive action?

Love science? You've come to the right place. Science Live is a fantastic demo area and it's right in the middle of our exhibition floor. You don't need to book – just look around you!

Get set to watch our Inspirers do all the experiments you definitely can't do at home. You'll see massive fireballs. There'll be smoke rings floating in the sky. All sorts of things will be fired right up to the roof. Yes, really. Experiments and demos happen all through the day and new ones are added often. Watch them all!

Live science demo area photo showing a presenter holding a spade with some liquid that has been set on fire
Live science demo area photo showing a presenter holding a spade with some liquid that has been set on fire
Live science demo area photo showing a presenter surrounded by red smoke

Don't try this at home...

Can you set bubbles on fire? How high can you shoot a pair of socks using just air pressure? Is cornflour flammable? Science Live is the place where we do experiments that are really spectacular and great fun. Come and watch them all happen!

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The science experiments every 20 mins were so entertaining.

Kelly, TripAdvisor
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Throughout the morning there were plenty of mini ‘live’ experiments demonstrated by enthusiastic and personable employees.

Unknown, TripAdvisor
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 My daughter (5) and I had such a fantastic day! The demonstrations were educational and entertaining.

Zoe, Facebook

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Accessibility info

Accessibility information for Science Live

Science Live is great fun and it's free to enjoy when you visit. We've made it accessible for everyone to be part of. Sometimes there'll be experiments with loud noises – we'll tell you about them before the demo starts. If you want to be close to the action, you can watch from downstairs. If you want to be a bit further away, you can watch from the balcony area.

Don't like loud noises? You can borrow ear defenders. You'll find them in the welcome area, Bio:Space, Science Theatre and Science Live. We have special British Sign Language days for demos in this areas too. Just ask us and we'll tell you when they're on so you don't miss them.

Read all about accessibility here
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