Interactive science exhibition photo showing two girls playing with a giant guitar
Interactive science exhibition photo showing a girl looking up in awe at some bubbles rising in a tube
Interactive science exhibition photo showing a boy and a girl inside the scream chamber, looking excited
Interactive science exhibition photo showing a child in a high vis jacket and hard hat, pushing a small wheelbarrow of foam bricks

Hear why science sounds amazing

Ready to go on an adventure through sound? There's lots to enjoy and explore in the sound, hearing and vibration exhibition. You can climb into a massive guitar and feel it vibrate when people pluck the strings. Experience the acoustics of a sonic rocket. Make sounds in ginormous echo tubes. Get right inside a giant ear and see how it works. You can even join the rescue crew to save Humphrey the Humpback Whale.

Does science sound like fun to you? Let's find out.

Interactive science exhibition photo showing a presenter leaning on the giant guitar

Let's explore the Giant Guitar

Is this the biggest guitar in Europe? It's 10 metres long and 3 metres high so it probably is. The strings are made from sailing winches and spearfishing line. It has to be tuned to keep the sound just right. Come to the sound, hearing and vibration exhibition and hear all about it.

Interactive science exhibition photo showing a 3 presenters looking at the snake pendulum exhibit

Let's explore the Snake Pendulum

The big science spectacles like the Giant Guitar and the Sonic Rocket are really amazing, but there's lots of mini adventures to have fun with too. You'll love the Snake Pendulum. You can actually make your own animal orchestra just like our Inspirers do. Let's try it.

Accessibility info

Accessibility info for the sound, hearing and vibration exhibition

Everything in the sound, hearing and vibration exhibition is interactive. Experience the exhibits with your senses. Touch them, see them and feel them – they're low down and easy to reach. You can book a sensory backpack or wheelchair if you like too.

Don't like noisy, smelly or dark places? No problem – our special sensory map will help. You can use ear defenders to keep the noise down, just borrow some from the welcome area, Bio:Space, Science Theatre and Science Live.

The Hub café is near the sound, hearing and vibration exhibiton. It can be a bit noisy sometimes but The Hut café on the lower floor is quieter. If you lip read or use a wheelchair you might prefer the round tables there too.

If you need anything to make your day super special, just ask us.

Read all about accessibility here
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