After Dark

A chance for adults to enjoy a child-free exploration of the hands-on exhibition floors and bespoke show in the planetarium. 

An evening where adults are able explore their own curiosity in science with full access to the hands-on exhibition floors and the opportunity to enjoy a bespoke presenter-led planetarium show on a topic that changes monthly.

The Hub Cafe & Bar will be open for drinks and light snacks.

Event schedule:

17:00 Centre closes to day visitors
18:30 Centre opens for After dark event; exhibition floors and bar open
20:20 Planetarium doors open
20:30 Live presenter-led planetarium show exploring of monthly topic (approx 45 minutes + time for Q&A with presenter afterward) 
22:00 Event ends

 2019-20 Monthly dates and topics

14 September - Rocky Planets

12 October - Gas Giants

9 November - Dwarf Planets

7 December - Moons

4 January - Asteroids and Comets

1 February - Satellites and Robotic Explorers

7 March - Exoplanets

4 April - Life

2 May - Life cycle of stars

6 June - Milky Way

4 July - Time

1 August - Origins of the universe


£12.50 per person (50% discount for Annual Pass holders). 

Strictly ages 18yr+. If you're lucky enough to look younger, please bring ID.


Saturday 04 January
Saturday 01 February
Saturday 07 March
Saturday 04 April
Saturday 02 May
Saturday 06 June
Saturday 04 July
Saturday 01 August
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Visual warning: as with all planetarium shows, these include large moving images which may affect people with photosensitive epilepsy, balance disorders and/or extreme motion sickness.