Science Dino-mite

Dates: 27th November to 16th January 2022 Weekends and school holidays excluding 24 to 27 December
Location: Science Theatre
Duration: 20 minutes
Tickets: Included with admission
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Enjoy the sights, sounds and science of Christmas past...way past.

Get set to enjoy a roar-cus festive season. It's going to be filled with T-riffic fun, dino-mite demos and a special guest appearance from Santa himself (4th to 23rd December).

Our friendly dino rangers need help from budding investigators to explore the differences between the types of dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth. Can you help? There'll be lots of fun audience participation in this roar-some interactive show. You'll be amazed as a brand-new species of dinosaur evolves right before your eyes. There will also be roar-some dino-mite experiments that will have you right on the edge of your seat. Are you ready?

Because it’s Christmas, Santa will be swapping his red coat for a lab coat once again. Between 4th and 23rd December, he’ll be delving into the mysteries of Christmas in the prehistoric age.  Come and join the fun!

Accessibility information for Science Dino-mite

The Science Theatre is accessible so everyone can enjoy all the fun. Sometimes there will be loud noises, but we'll tell you about them before the show starts. If you want to wear ear defenders, you can borrow them from us before the show starts. If you feel nervous in a show, you can stay near the back and leave quickly if you need to.

Sensitive to loud noises? There's a not-so-noisy show just for you at 3.30pm.

On Sunday, 19th December, a British Sign Language interpreter will be signing during the 11:30am and 2:30pm shows. Please get in touch with our Accessibility team to reserve a seat near the front for these shows.

Get in touch with our accessibility team







3:30pm (not so noisy)

Christmas promotional photo showing a young boy looking excitedly at a dinosaur being held by a dino ranger
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Get set for a Jurrasic adventure. New free Science Dino-mite show with special guest appearance from Santa. Prehistoric dino dig. Mini fossil festival. Two live Planetarium shows. Nature activities. Hands on interactive exhibits. And more!

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