The Dino Show

Dates: 2nd December to 21st January 2024 Weekends and school holidays
Location: Science Theatre
Duration: 20 mins
Tickets: Free with general admission

Get set for some Brontosaurus-sized fun! Join us on a prehistoric adventure to find out how similar dinosaurs are to humans in this brand new live science show.

Can you walk like a T-Rex? Or roar like a Triceratops? What other things do humans do that dinosaurs could also do? Let’s find out.

Through roar-cus demos and t-riffic experiments dino rangers will take on the mammoth job of finding out how similar we are to dinosaurs. Can a bowling ball float and how does this explain why dinosaurs and humans can survive in water? What do dinosaur head crests and our vocal chords have in common? And let’s find out how have both dinosaurs and humans evolved and adapted to their environments.

Be prepared to be shocked, stunned and surprised on this jurassic journey of discovery. Nothing will tircera-top this!

Accessibility information for The Dino Show

Sensitive to loud noises? Why not join us in our not-so-noisy show at 3:30pm. 

The Science Theatre is accessible so everyone can enjoy all the fun. Sometimes there will be loud noises, but we'll tell you about them before the show starts. If you want to wear ear defenders, you can borrow them from us before the show starts. If you feel nervous in a show, you can stay near the back and leave quickly if you need to.

**On Saturday 20th January, a British Sign Language interpreter will be signing during the both the 12:30pm and 1:30pm shows. Please get in touch with our Accessibility team to reserve a seat near the front for these shows.**

Email our accessibility team







3:30pm (not so noisy)

4:30pm (Saturday 16th December 2023 to Tuesday 2nd January 2024 - subject to availability)