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An experience for all ages

The Ultimate STEM School Trip is an all-inclusive experience that lasts the whole day long. It's for children in KS1 (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2), KS2 (Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6) and lower KS3 (Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9).

The workshops are linked to the curriculum. All you have to do is choose one out of six great options. Leave the rest to us – it's going to be a fantastic day.

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Interactive science exhibition photo showing a group of school children and a teacher looking and pointing at an exhibit about space

What's included?

  • There's a 45-minute curriculum-linked Discovery Workshop
  • A live Planetarium show to suit your learning group's level
  • Lots of time to explore the two floors that are full of interactive exhibits

The only thing you need to do is choose the Discovery Workshop you want to book.

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The Discovery Workshops:

Destination Space (KS2)

Let's discover starlight secrets on this epic astronomical adventure. Young astro-engineers will experiment to see how to direct and deflect light in space. Wow!

Life (KS2 - KS3)

A mysterious bacteria is killing our fish! It's the job of budding biologists to find a cure. Play a plastic pollution game and discover how plastic is damaging our oceans.

Matter (KS1 - KS3)

Let's investigate matter – especially a weird 'matter in the middle'. There's a sticky sensory workshop too. We'll make slime and make it stretch, twist and bounce.

Bots (KS2 - KS3)

Who's smarter – a human or a robot? Program your own robot and find out! You'll even learn how to code and do a robot catwalk with spins and a rainbow light display.

Rockets (KS1-KS3)

Our rocket workshop is for budding engineers to learn about forces. Build, test and make your rockets amazing. Let's power them with fuel and fire and launch them too!

Sound (KS2-KS3)

This is a loud, interactive workshop to explore how we hear sound and process it. Experiment with weird and wonderful gadgets. Reinvent yourself with differently positioned ears!

Accessibility info

Accessibility information for the Ultimate STEM School Trip

We can make changes to The Ultimate STEM School Trip to suit the needs of your children. We can offer a relaxed Planetarium screening. We'll give you visual supports for SEND and EAL pupils. We'll also send you pre-teaching resources before you visit.

If there are any other ways we can help or if you want to talk about individual needs, just ask. We're all here to help.

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Teacher preview evenings

Want to join us for one of our teacher preview evenings to get prepared for your school visit? You can get to know the site, complete your risk assessments and meet our team.

These sessions are completely free. You'll have a tour and a presentation about what's available for schools. There's even a taster Planetarium show. You can plan your visit with our team and, if you have any questions, just ask.

If you can't make it to a preview evening, it's no problem. You're welcome to join us during the week to take a look around. Just get in touch to make an appointment.

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We're a charity so we work really hard to break down any barriers to engagement. We're pleased to offer subsidies to the following schools:

State-funded schools (including academies, multi-academy trusts, free schools and University Technology Colleges) - 15% subsidy

Our selected priority schools and all schools who have 14% or more students who receive free school meals - 60% subsidy

Find out if you are a priority school
  • Student
  • Student - 15% subsidy
  • Student - 60% subsidy
  • Accompanying adults

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