Families: Wonder-full Wednesdays

Make every Wednesday wonder-full! Have lots of fun with a new Inspirer-led science workshop each week during term time. You’ll see live science demos and get hands-on with two floors of interactive exhibits. There’s even a new Planetarium show every time you visit. 

Wonder-full Wednesday’s is designed with home educators in mind. Every week there’s something new to discover to help develop your child’s science learning. Children will also have an activity passport. When they complete it after each visit, they’ll get a special certificate at the end.

Here’s what’s included:

  • An Inspirer-led 30-minute workshop every week. The theme changes every time!
  • A 20-minute live Planetarium show that explores a different part of the Solar System ever week.
  • Huge demos in Science Live.
  • Exploration time on the two floors of interactive exhibits.
  • Every Wednesday during term time from 3pm to 5pm.
  • Special £7.50 event fee (all activities are free for annual members).
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Planetarium photo showing the audience looking up at a starry sky on the screen Live science show photo showing a female presenter smiling behind a tube lit up with flames Live science demo area photo showing a presenter holding a spade with liquid that's on fire, and a visitor holding a large stick used to light the fire Interactive science exhibition photo showing two girls playing with a giant guitar Bio:Space nature zone photo showing a boy looking down a microscope
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Groups: Ultimate STEM School Trip

If you’re visiting as a group of 20 or more, take a look at our all-inclusive Ultimate STEM School Trip. This is a fun-packed day of interactive workshops and immersive exhibits. There are also spectacular Planetarium shows. Each one is designed by expert science communicators for children in key stages one to three.

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