We are Astronomers (film)

Fulldome film|24min|Key Stage 3+

Very stylish show with a great soundtrack, designed for KS3-4. Explains what an astronomer is and overviews current projects, discussing how modern astronomers collaborate in worldwide networks and how they manage the large amounts of data they collect. 

Includes vox pops of varied role model astronomers working in the UK. Great for showing potential jobs in astronomy and highlighting the UK contribution. 

Topics include the electromagnetic spectrum, James Webb Telescope and Large Hadron Collider.

Does not include a lot of 'flying through space'. Contains one scene with flickering (potentially dangerous to photosensitive epileptics) but you can be warned when this will occur.

KS3 teacher comment: "Awesome, unmissable, mindblowing, stunning. The way the show was put together was fantastic".

One pupil went home and wrote on the show's website: “I am 12, and today I watched We are Astronomers. We were the first people to watch it at the [Winchester] planetarium, I thought it was brilliant and it really inspired me!".

More details on the We are Astronomers website.