The Solar System and Beyond (live)

Live, presenter-led show|35min (+Q&A on request)|Key Stage 2-3 Science.

Starting at the night sky, then looking at the solar system before finding out what is beyond, this show gives an inspiring and engaging overview of astronomy.

The show includes:

  • The Sun - it is a star, and a sphere; we should not look directly at this; watching it set in the west
  • Day and night caused by the Earth spinning
  • The Moon
  • Other planets - discussing what they are formed from (solids, liquids, gases) and noting their relative sizes. Orbits around the Sun
  • Our Sun as one star in the Milky Way galaxy
  • Other galaxies, including imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope to explain how we know they are there

We also offer an extended, adapted Key Stage 3+ version of this show - enquire for details.