The Life of Trees (film)

Fulldome film|33min|Key Stage 1-2

Beautiful production following Dolores the ladybird and Mike the glowworm as they find out about trees. The original voice track (translated from German) has been re-written by Winchester Science Centre to match with the UK curriculum.

Fly through meadowland to find the tree, then see the structure of the roots, find out how water reaches the leaves and go inside a leaf to discover the secret of how trees produce the oxygen we need to live. This show is ideal for Yrs 2-4 but is also wonderfully entrancing for younger children and a good recap of scientific ideas for up to Yr 6. Just be aware that some Yr 6 groups may find the characters a little young. 

"Informative, engaging and a fun way to learn about trees. A great 3D adventure which inspires all children at different levels." KS2 teacher

"Magical. Even our Yr 6's were entranced by the simulator effect / total immersion effect. Could be used for Science / English / Environment week." KS2 teacher

"Really funny lots of facts, exciting you definitely learn something even if you don't feel like it. I would recommend to all years from year 5 to year R or 1" Yr 4 pupil