Simply Stars (live)

Live, presenter-led show|30min (+Q&A on request)KS2-3 (also available for older groups)

Lie back under a simple starry sky and learn how to spot some of the easiest constellations visible at this time of year, including an explanation of how our view of these changes through the night.

Planets, interesting stars and other objects will also be included if they are visible at the times the children are most likely to be able to go stargazing. The children have an opportunity to practice finding the constellations again at the end of the show - the focus is on genuinely teaching them to find these, rather than just rushing through a large number of constellations that may be difficult to find in practice.

Very simple visuals; this is a traditional style planetarium show, with the 'dot to dot' pictures drawn in the sky, and character art drawn around these. The mix of stories/astronomy will vary appropriately with the ages of the audience.

KS1 groups - please be aware that for younger children the concept of constellations can seem rather abstract and confusing. For this reason the show is not recommended for these groups. However, it is possible to offer this where the children have already done some work in school to understand what constellations are.

Please ask when booking if you would like a focus on Ancient Greeks.