Look Up! (live)

Live, presenter-led show|30min (+Q&A on request)|Key Stage 1 Science.

Focused on things we can see in the night sky, this show allows children to go stargazing and find out more about the things they can see.

This show is more formal than the Early Years Little Stars show, but is designed to engage children who may not yet have mastered sitting quietly and listening as a group! This show is presented from the front of the planetarium, allowing the presenter to use body language and to interact directly with the children.

Look Up! is also great for SEN groups working at Key Stage 1 level. Just be aware that it has gentle visuals; individuals unable to follow speech may prefer a more visually dynamic show.

The show includes:

  • The Sun - it is a star, and a sphere; watching it set in the west; day and night
  • Tonight's sky - a beautiful view of the stars, including any visible planets
  • Making dot to dots in the stars, learning the Plough and how to find the North Star
  • The Great Bear (includes the stars of the Plough), with a quick story
  • A chance to see all the other constellation pictures
  • Light sources and reflection, related to Sun/stars, planets and Moon
  • Planets: when and where to look to see one, and the chance to see one close up
  • The Moon: including different phases caused by it being lit from different angles. A full explanation of phases is not given due to the ages of the children, instead the focus is on the idea that the Moon reflects sunlight and we only see the lit areas