Little Stars (live)

Live, presenter-led show20min (+Q&A on request)Early Years

A child-centred introduction to the planetarium for younger children, allowing the children to make their own discoveries by observation, encouraging them to notice differences between the stars and planets. This show is presented from the front of the planetarium, allowing the presenter to use body language and to interact directly with the children.

Little Stars includes lots of calling out and pointing, a story, and a chance to sing Twinkle Twinkle to encourage the stars to show themselves. It is designed to allow the children to respond naturally to what they see without needing always to remember to be quiet or sit still. 

It is also great for SEN groups working at early-years levels. Just be aware that it has very gentle visuals; attention is held largely through audience interaction with the presenter. Some groups/individuals unable to follow speech may prefer a more visually dynamic show.

The show includes:

  • A gentle introduction to darkness while singing, and enough light to see the presenter throughout to give confidence in the unusual environment of the dome
  • Looking at stars in the sky, noticing how these vary in brightness and colour, pointing out ones with particular characteristics
  • The Moon
  • Making dot to dots in the stars
  • An example constellation with an age-appropriate story (note this may not be the original Greek tale as they often include highly inappropriate themes)
  • A quick look at all the other constellations
  • The Sun as a star
  • A quick look at some other planets - how do they look different from Earth?