Cell! Cell! Cell! (film)

Fulldome film|24min|Key Stage 3-5

A Wellcome Trust funded project led by Winchester Science Centre.

Join Raj and Sooki to visit the busy world of cell biology. A bright, entertaining show that is popular with students but packed with information, with additional higher-level content in the background.

Discover the 3D structure and complexity of cells, the secret of DNA and how we all started as a single cell. Cell structure, genes, conception, differentiation, embryogenesis, and how cells work together in the body. Foreground/narration is aimed at KS3/4 level, while the background contains elements relevant to KS5, including accurate modelling of organelles and membrane structure. Peter Symonds College have booked repeat visits with entire AS year groups.

Cell! Cell! Cell! comes with an optional post-show presentation (additional cost; please ask for details). Free branded resources and show imagery/movies for use in the classroom are available from a dedicated website at www.cellcellcell.com