The Hibernation Station

Dates: 27th January to 19th February 2024 Weekends and school holidays
Location: Science Centre
Duration: Throughout the day
Tickets: Free with general admission

It’s hibernation season for our animal friends. Join us in The Hibernation Station in Bio:Space to find out more about what our native species do during winter. Then venture outside to build your very own hibernation den.

Hibernation is fascinating! It helps creatures survive the cold, dark winters without having to forage for food. Many species simply slow down to conserve their energy. And you can do just that in the Hibernation Station. Enter your very own hibernation. Chill out. Learn how to slow down your breathing and heart rate and try out some fun activities related to the season. Plus learn more about how the species native to the South Downs National Park are hibernating outside while you hibernate inside.

But hibernating isn’t just about slowing down, it’s also about having the perfect home to curl up and keep warm in. Head outside and discover more about the nests that hibernating creatures build to help them survive the harsh weather of the winter. Then, it’s your turn. Work with your friends and family to build your very own hibernation den!

Don’t forget your wellies and warm coats, or borrow some from our wet weather station, as den building will be taking place outside.