Come and experience an exclusive after-hours event that’s perfect for all uniformed groups.

What's included?

  • A fun activity sheet that's designed to challenge groups. It will make them think like a scientist and an engineer
  • There's a Curiosity Badge to take home
  • Watch an out-of-this-world Planetarium show
  • Enjoy a drink and a snack
  • We've staggered the start and finish times so all age groups can make the most of their evening
  • If your group has SEND requirements, we can help. We'd love to create an amazing experience that's great for their needs. Just get in touch with our Accessibility team – we're here to help.
Email the team about Badge Night requirements
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Planetarium photo showing the audience looking up at a starry sky on the screen Two girls look at an activity book A group of brownies sitting at a table enjoying a snack Interactive science exhibition photo showing a young boy with headphones on engaging with an exhibit about animal sounds A man waves his hands dramatically over a series of flames coming out of a tube An orange and blue Curiosity Badge
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