You Are Here! (autism-friendly)

An exciting brand new type of family planetarium show that perfectly combines live theatre with the immersive 360˚ full dome visual experience. Join the hosts of Wow Tours on an out-of-this-world adventure as they attempt to put everything in its place – in our Solar System, the Universe and beyond!

WOW Tours are expecting to attend a lecture from The Professor only to find themselves unexpectedly confronted with the disappearance of the stars - not to mention the disappearance of The Professor!

Equipped only with umbrellas and a mysterious A-Z guidebook of the Galaxy, WOW Tours embark on a magical journey. With help from the audience they uncover where The Professor has gone and in doing so, discover “the most incredible, remarkable, mind-blowing thing in the universe!”

With Jupiter as the ultimate ‘behind you’ moment, a zoom through Saturn’s rings and a voyage down to the surface of Mars, this is a tour you’ll never forget.

This 30-minute show is designed for children and their families. Be inspired to look up at the night sky and it could be the start of a lifelong adventure.

YOU ARE HERE! is a collaboration between Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium and The Occasion Theatre, made possible through the support of Arts Council England and Airbus.

Autism-Friendly Show

Our autism-friendly shows are designed to be welcoming and inviting to those with sensory sensitivities and their loved ones, but everyone is welcome. Families may also prefer this more relaxed show environment.

Sensory-friendly adjustments include:

  • Lights left on low
  • Sound turned down
  • Freedom to move around and sit where you like
  • Freedom to leave and re-enter the theatre

For further information about accessibility at Winchester Science Centre click here. You can find our social story here, which includes information about the planetarium.

If you have any further questions, wish to make us aware of any requirements in advance of your visit or have any feedback please email 

Show trailer



Tickets - on sale now!

This show is a theatre experience and planetarium experience rolled into one. As a result, our planetarium show price has been increased by £2 per person to £5.50 when purchased with general admission or £8.60 standalone.








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