The Science of Roald Dahl

If you've ever wondered what's needed to get James' peach to fly, whether George is a genius scientist and how topsy turvy the Twits could really be, then this is the splendiferous science show for you!

Weekend Activities

  • Join BBC Bitesize science presenter Jon Chase as he delves into the whoopsy waffling worlds of Roald Dahl. In a brilliant live science show, Jon will spark children’s curiosity in science and, if they’re not already hooked, the much-loved stories of Roald Dahl. Show times are: 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00
  • Get hands-on with fun themed activities and challenges in the Invention Studio. Unleash your creative thinking as you design and build a tortoise-transporting device! 
  • Winchester Science Centre's magnificent science experts will be inviting families to get involved as they demonstrate their favourite science experiments, inspired by the science of Roald Dahl. Witness plenty of thought-provoking tricks and demos from disappearing snow and bubble levitation to mind-blowing mathematical mysteries.

Make the most of your visit. See our Things To Do page to discover all there is to enjoy at Winchester Science Centre!

Planetarium Shows

Complete your experience with a visit to our planetarium - savings are available for those who book General Admission and planetarium tickets in the same transaction. Click here for the full programme of live, presenter-led shows and 360° fulldome films!

How to Book

Book General Admission using the relevant online booking link below. Purchase tickets at least 3 days in advance and save 25% on admission! You will also have the opportunity to book your Science of Roald Dahl live show at an additional cost of £2 per person.







Please note The Science of Roald Dahl replaces the previously advertised 'Spectacular Sound'.

Roald Dahl is the Author of the stories referred to in this show. Learn more here.

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