The Planet Show (quiet)

Join a live presenter for a whirlwind tour of our solar system. 

Start by spotting a few stars, then fly up for a view of our own planet before visiting all the planets that orbit our Sun in one seamless flight.

This show is best for ages 8yr+ and great for mixed-age groups. Get a great sense of the impressive scale of the solar system and the very different worlds it contains. Each show is a little different as the presenter navigates the virtual environment in real-time.

Quiet Shows

Our quiet shows are for those who would prefer a quiet environment throughout the show. All visitors are welcome in any of our shows. We also host chatterbox and autism-friendly shows, which may be better suited to young children or those with sensory sensitivities.


£3.50 with General Admission or £6.60 standalone.

Tickets can be purchased online as planetarium-only or combined with a general entry ticket to the Science Centre.

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Visual warning: this show is not recommended for anyone who suffers from balance disorders and/or extreme motion sickness.