Simply Stars

Stars, constellations and planets in tonight's sky. 

A traditional planetarium show. Sit back under a simple starry sky and learn to recognise constellations, groups of stars and other objects that can be seen at this time of year, including planets when these are in the right place to see them.

The live presenter gives hints and tips for how to best learn your way around the sky, focusing on bright, easy-to-find objects visible from the average back-garden or town park.

Suitable for beginner stargazers, this show is best for ages 6yr+.  

At Winchester Science Centre we offer different planetarium show environments, including chatterbox, relaxed and quiet shows. To find out more about these, click here.


£3.50 with General Admission or £6.60 standalone.

Tickets can be purchased online as planetarium-only or combined with a general entry ticket to the Science Centre.

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Content: planets are featured only if they are visible to the naked eye around the date of the show. Sometimes there are simply none to find as their positions in their orbits mean they are only up in the daytime.

Visual warning: as with all planetarium shows, this show includes large moving images which may affect people with photosensitive epilepsy, balance disorders and/or extreme motion sickness. However, of the shows available Simply Stars has less movement, including significant periods where the view of the sky remains the same.