Quiet Hour

**As we will be operating a reduced capacity, our quiet hour events are currently not running. They will be back but for now we advise booking an arrival slot later in the day when we expect to be quieter.**

Our dedicated quiet hours provide an opportunity to experience the Science Centre in a calm and relaxed environment, developed for children with sensory sensitivities and their families.

Explore the exhibition floor at your own pace, without the hustle and bustle! Our quiet sessions include some special adjustments to make your visit more comfortable and enjoyable:    

-         We will not be open to the general public

-         Lighting levels will be lowered where possible

-         No tannoy announcements will be made during the hour         

-         Additional sensory activities will be running

-         Our team of Inspirers will be on hand to help

-         One complimentary planetarium show is included in your ticket

           If attending the morning quiet hour choose between the 9:40 quiet show or the 10:40 relaxed show

           If attending the afternoon quiet hour choose between the 16:30 quiet show or the 17:30 relaxed show

Please see our planetarium listings page for more information. The show content will be the same but the show environment will be different.

Following the quiet hour, visitors are welcome to stay for the whole day. 

Dates and Times


No current dates.

We do hope you enjoy this new initiative. Please do provide any feedback to our team on the day. 


Please visit the Accessibility page to see our Accessibility Statement and Social Story.

For any further questions or comments please email access@winchestersciencecentre.org or call 01962 863 791

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