Polaris, the space submarine (autism-friendly)

A fun 360o fulldome film for all the family, with plenty of jokes for both adults and children.

Join Vladimir the polar bear and James the penguin as they try to work out why their homes have such long nights in winter. Vladimir's inventive genius and James' understanding of the scientific method eventually takes them beyond the Earth to study the planet as a whole, and to compare it to others in our solar system. The two, strangers at first, become firm friends along the way.

Younger children will love the characters and adventure while older children follow the science, and there are also some jokes for the adults (look out for some classic Sci-Fi film references).

Polaris, the space submarine and the mystery of the polar night has won the Audience Choice award at three different European planetarium festivals, and also Best Popular Science Fulldome Show. It is made by a French producer with an English soundtrack.

This 29-minute show is perfect for mixed age groups.

See teaser trailer below...

Autism-Friendly Show


Our autism-friendly shows are designed to be welcoming and inviting to those with sensory sensitivities and their loved ones.


Sensory-friendly adjustments include:


  • Lights left on low
  • Sound turned down
  • Freedom to move around and sit where you like
  • Freedom to leave and re-enter the theatre


For further information about accessibility at Winchester Science Centre click here. You can find our social story here, which includes information about the planetarium.


If you have any further questions, wish to make us aware of any requirements in advance of your visit or have any feedback please email access@winchestersciencecentre.org


£3.50 with General Admission or £6.60 standalone.

Tickets can be purchased online as planetarium-only or combined with a general entry ticket to the Science Centre.

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