Natural Selection

Stunning visually rich planetarium show.

Blockbuster fulldome film about Darwin's life and work. Join the young Charles Darwin on an adventurous voyage of exploration circumnavigating the world on the HMS Beagle.

The science content is most appropriate for ages 11yr+, as you witness the thrill of scientific discovery by seeing the world through Darwin's eyes and hearing him tell the story of how his observations of exotic natural scenery made the pieces of the scientific puzzle slowly but surely fall into place. Follow Darwin's reasoning to reveal this simple and beautiful mechanism that explains the evolution of life on Earth: Natural Selection.


£3.50 with General Admission or £6.60 standalone.

Tickets can be purchased online as planetarium-only or combined with a general entry ticket to the Science Centre.

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Visual warning: as with all planetarium shows, this show includes large moving images which may affect people with photosensitive epilepsy, balance disorders and/or extreme motion sickness.