DIY Science: Musical Instruments

Discover super exciting science that you can do at home as a family! For this weekend only, join SoCo Vegetable Orchestra in the Invention Studio to craft your own vegetable instrument and have a go at playing at one of our impromptu orchestra bursts. This fun and creative activity is FREE with general admission! 

Weekend Activities

  • Experience a fantastic live science show packed full of tips and tricks for DIY science you can do at home. Live shows are FREE with General admission and available to pre-book at 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:30 and 15:30.
  • Get hands-on with fun activities and challenges in the Invention Studio. This weekend's theme is musical veggies! 
    Come and join in the fun with SoCo Music Project as we take you on an edible sonic journey making instruments from veg. We’ll show you how to make an array of healthy noise makers, from pepper shakers to carrot flutes, potato pipes to broccoli trumpets, just don’t nibble on the instruments before the show begins!

Next weekend's DIY Science theme is Electronics.

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Planetarium Shows

No visit is complete without a virtual trip to space and back. Book our live, presenter-led plantarium show 'Flight Through the Universe' for a tour of the Solar System and beyond or choose one of the animated film shows for fun characters and exciting graphics.Click here for the full programme of live, presenter-led shows and 360° fulldome films!

How to book

Book General Admission using the relevant online booking link below. Book at least 3 days in advance and save 25% on admission!

You will also have the option to reserve your free live science show, which we recommend doing to guarantee your place.







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