Dinosaurs & Fossils

Step back in time 65 million years to discover dinosaurs and their prehistoric friends here at the Science Centre!

Weekend Activities

  • How did the dinosaurs evolve? What happened to them? Find out this and more at our Dinosaurs: Evolution to Extinction live science show, running at 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 & 15:00.
  • Look out for large dinosaur models around the Centre!
  • Discover real fossils that you can examine and handle!
  • Get creative with the recycled materials in our Invention Studio and make your own dinosaur!
  • Our baby dinosaur puppet Trixie the Triceratops will be roaming the exhibition floor
  • Opportunity to meet and chat with a representative from Dinosaur Isle, home to the Isle of Wight's fossil and geological heritage
  • Paleontology students from Portsmouth University will be joining us on 29th & 30th Sept

For further information about everything we offer here, visit our Plan Your Visit page.

Planetarium Shows

Make your visit extra special with a visit to our planetarium - savings are available for those who book General Admission and planetarium tickets in the same transaction. Click here for the full programme of live, presenter-led shows and 360° fulldome films!

How to book

Book General Admission using the relevant online booking link below. Book at least 3 days in advance and save 25% on admission!

You will also have the option to reserve your free live science show, which we recommend doing to guarantee your place.







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Please note this event is a not a repeat of our previous dinosaur-themed event in January and will not include animatronic dinosaurs - be sure to refer to the activities above for an overview of what we'll be offering.