Ancient Skies

Fulldome documentary film about archeo-astronomy.

A documentary exploring ancient cultures' relationships with the skies, rediscovered through the monuments they have left behind.

This fulldome film features stunning 360o timelapse footage from mesolithic and neolithic sites across the UK and Ireland, and interviews with the archeo-astronomers who are trying to unravel their mysteries. 

This show is best for adults and older children due to the grown-up documentary style.


£3.50 with general admission and £6.60 standalone.

Minimum age for entry is 4yr, although note that some showings may have an older age minimum and it is not recommended to bring such young children to this show due to its style. Please note that children are required to listen quietly unless the show is marked as a Chatterbox showing.


Visual warning: as with all planetarium shows, this show includes large moving images which may affect people with photosensitive epilepsy, balance disorders and/or extreme motion sickness. However, of the shows available Ancient Skies has less movement, including significant periods where the view of the sky remains the same.

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