Starlight Cinema: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - Adults only

Dates: Sunday 28th May 2023
Location: Planetarium
Duration: Doors open 7pm, screening at 7:30pm
Tickets: Adult £8

Are you ready for a completely unique cinema experience? Grab a seat, sit back and relax one of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, plays out under the stars of the Planetarium.

Who doesn’t want to watch their favourite classic film on the big screen? Sit under the starry sky of the breath-taking Planetarium dome and watch as the best characters from Hollywood history bring to life some of the greatest stories of the screen.

Your Starlight Cinema ticket includes:

  • A showing of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial under the stars of the Planetarium.
  • Opportunity to purchase popcorn, bar snacks and drinks.

Please be aware that this is the adult only (18+) screening. Book here for our family screening at 4:30pm.

About the movie

A creature from another planet is left behind on Earth by his spaceship. He's befriended by 10-year-old Elliott (Henry Thomas), who enlists the help of older brother Michael (Robert Macnaughton) and little sister Gertie (Drew Barrymore). Together, they conceal him from their mother and the authorities. They name him E.T., help him to contact his own planet and plan a rescue mission to get him home.

Accessibility information for Starlight Cinema

The Planetarium is accessible so everyone can have a special experience here. It's not super dark and you can move around, go out and come back in if you like. If you have a wheelchair, we have spaces for you to sit with seats for your family and friends. The stairs have lights to make them easy to see.


This event is a fundraising event for Wonderseekers.