Starlight Cinema: Jurassic Park - Family screening

Dates: Saturday 1st April 2023
Location: Planetarium
Duration: Doors open 5:15pm, screening at 5:45pm
Tickets: Child £4, Adult £8

This event is now sold out. There are still tickets remaining for our adults only screening. Tickets are also on sale for our May film, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Don't miss out, book now!

Are you ready for a completely unique cinema experience? Grab a seat, sit back and relax one of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, Jurassic Park, plays out under the stars of the Planetarium.

When the Science Centre doors close, the cinema screen will be rolling! Why not spend the day exploring the science exhibits and live shows before grabbing some popcorn and reliving a 90s classic. Treat the kids to some movie history and relive your childhood memories. What are you waiting for?

Please note that for family films, entrance to the Science Centre during the day is not included with your ticket. If you would like to visit during the day as well, please book general admission alongside your event ticket.

Your Starlight Cinema ticket includes:

  •  A showing of Jurassic Park under the stars of the Planetarium.
  • Opportunity to purchase popcorn, bar snacks and drinks.

About the movie

Billionaire John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) has cracked the code for cloning dinosaur DNA. He plans to open a theme park with living, breathing dinosaurs on a remote island. A group of scientists including palaeontologists Alan Grant and Ellie Satler (Sam Neill and Laura Dern) and chaos theory expert Ian Malcom (Jeff Goldblum) are invited to a preview. But the park goes offline, dinosaurs escape and a jurassic adventure begins.

Accessibility information for Starlight Cinema

The Planetarium is accessible so everyone can have a special experience here. It's not super dark and you can move around, go out and come back in if you like. If you have a wheelchair, we have spaces for you to sit with seats for your family and friends. The stairs have lights to make them easy to see.


This event is a fundraising event for Wonderseekers.