Northern Lights experience

Dates: 28th January to 20th February 2023 Weekends and school holidays
Location: Science Centre
Duration: The Planetarium will be open for 45 minutes during each time slot
Tickets: Free with general admission

If you've never been inside the Planetarium before, now's your chance! This experience isn't a show, it's an exciting sneak peek inside our magical Planetarium.

For a limited time each day, we’re opening the doors to the Planetarium for free as part of Zero Degrees. Come inside for a sneak peek. Experience your very own wow moment as you see a spectacular view of the Northern Lights projected onto the dome screen. This isn't a show. We won't be flying around the Solar System, but you'll get to sample the unique atmosphere of the Planetarium.  

About the experience

We’re bringing the Northern Lights to you this winter! Experience the breath-taking wonder of the Arctic sky...without even leaving Hampshire. 

Step inside our spectacular Planetarium and get a sneak peek of what you can experience during a show. Experience the mesmerising shimmering greens of the Northern Lights. You won't be able to experience them anywhere else in England this winter.

This free experience is not a Planetarium show. You do not need a ticket for the Planetarium but you will need a Science Centre general admission ticket. Simply arrive anytime between 11:30am and 12pm or 2pm and 2:30pm. The image on the dome screen will show one view of the Northern Lights only as a way for you to experience the magic of the Planetarium dome. You can take a seat and look up at the display. We recommend you spend around 10 mins enjoying the atmosphere. 


11:30am to 12:15pm (arrive by 12pm)

2pm to 2:45pm (arrive by 2:30pm)