Extreme Weather show

Dates: 28th January to 12th March 2023 Weekends and school holidays
Location: Science Theatre
Duration: 20 mins
Tickets: Free with general admission

There’s been reports of extreme weather! Can you come and help us find out what’s been happening and why?

Our resident weather reporter has been receiving phone calls from far and wide. People are experiencing all sorts of weather phenomenon. In the north there’s been sightings of forest fires. In the midlands the wind is picking up speed and tornados have been spotted. And in the south temperatures are falling well below zero degrees. Can science help us find out what's happening and what we can do to adapt to extreme weather conditions?

In Extreme Weather, an exciting free science show, live experiments and fascinating facts will shed light on the unexpected, and often severe, weather we see around the world. This action-packed 20-minute show will take an in-depth look into some of our most crazy weather systems. It’s free with general admission so don’t miss out!

Accessibility information for Extreme Weather

The Science Theatre is accessible so everyone can enjoy all the fun. Sometimes there will be loud noises, but we'll tell you about them before the show starts. If you want to wear ear defenders, you can borrow them from us before the show starts. If you feel nervous in a show, you can stay near the back and leave quickly if you need to.

Sensitive to loud noises? There's a not-so-noisy show just for you at 3.30pm.

***On Friday, 17th February and Sunday, 12th March, a British Sign Language interpreter will be signing during the 11:30am and 2:30pm shows. Talk to our Accessibility team so we can reserve a seat for you near the front.***

Email our accessibility team







3:30pm (not so noisy)

4:30pm (Saturday 11th to Sunday 19th February)