The Crunch

Get ready for an exciting year about our food, our health and our planet! You are invited to get involved and help create the recipe for a happier, healthier future.


Primary and secondary schools and colleges in the UK are currently being sent The Crunch schools kits for free.

Each kit is packed full of scientific equipment, teacher notes, videos, cross-curricular activities and specially commissioned short plays to help learners explore the links between our food, our health and our planet. Different age groups will receive different kits full of exciting resources.

The free kits will provide:

  • teachers with imaginative ways to explore science curriculum topics that link to health, nutrition and the environment
  • learners the opportunity to carry out exciting practical experiments and investigations
  • schools with the opportunity to access current scientific research and to think about the issues that impact on our lives every day.

Primary schools

Through experiments, investigations, practical activities and five plays, learners will develop an understanding of the links between our food, our health and our planet. Children can investigate questions like:

  • how does our diet give our bodies superpowers?
  • where in the world does our food come from?
  • how can we help crops to grow in difficult places?
  • what will happen to the food we eat, and the food chains we are part of, if the climate changes?

Secondary schools and FE colleges

Teacher and technician notes, fantastic equipment and five plays will be provided to allow students to investigate questions including:

  • how can we grow the food we need and conserve our living, changing environment?
  • what part does the microbiome play in human health?
  • how can we feed a growing population in a way that is healthy for us and our planet?

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