OUTBOX Incubator

Readying young STEM entrepreneurs for life outside the box

Stemettes has just launched their latest summer initiative, Outbox Incubator. This programme will see 45 girls aged 11-22, spend six weeks learning and living together under one roof in a London based house. There, they will be joined by experienced mentors to find out about running a business, developing a product and getting funding to take their ideas to market.

Stemettes are looking for people who have ‘been there, done that and got the tshirt’ to spearhead the sessions and share their experiences with the girls. A handful of experienced volunteers are also needed to supervise down time, as well as post-programme mentors, who will spend time with the girls, helping grow their ideas.  If you or if you know someone who would be able to hold a session in the house and pledge some time, please visit Outboxincuator.com/pledge

If you would like to nominate girls for Outbox Incubator then you / the girls can apply here: Outboxincubator.com/apply. The deadline for applications is the 28th May.