Inspire the Next Wave of Women Engineers

Want to do more to inspire the next wave of women engineers?

As part of our goal to get more girls into engineering, WES have launched a new initiative Sparxx specifically for girls between 11 and 18. The aim of Sparxx is to provide ongoing support to girls who show an interest in CRESTA (Creativity, Engineering, Science, Technology and Art) by providing targeted stream of communication through TwitterPinterestFacebookInstagram and newsletters. 

They aim to feature all the latest CRESTA news, events competitions, freebies, DIYs, games and much more in order to inspire girls to create the future they are capable of. They are not planning to provide new content or any new activities, but instead to compile activities and information provided by you and just feed this to the girls in a way which interests them and allows them to get used to the idea that a career in engineering is a real possibility for THEM. In the next few weeks, we will be populating our website and would be delighted to feature any relevant content from you on our website.

Just email your content with the subject line Website Content.

Please show your support for Sparxx by signing up, following us on our various social media pages , and forwarding details of Sparxx to schools and students in your networks.

For further details, contact the Sparxx team on