Exciting new initiatives launched by the Royal Society of Biology

The Royal Society of Biology has launched a range of exciting initiatives to support schools and students.

The Intermediate Biology Olympiad is now open for teachers to register their students via https://www.rsb.org.uk/get-involved/awards-and-competitions/intermediate-biology-olympiad

The competition is open to Y12 students in England and Wales, Y13 in Northern Ireland and S5 in Scotland. The online paper will consist of multiple choice questions, which will be set on topics students are likely to have covered at GCSE and in their first year of A level. Students are encouraged to put this on their UCAS form. The one hour competition will take place on Wednesday 22nd June. An e-poster is now available via http://storage.sb.public.s3.amazonaws.com/Intermediate_Biology_Olympiad_Poster.pdf to put on your school’s lab noticeboard. Participating students will be able to claim a free year's membership to BioNet https://www.rsb.org.uk/membership/individual-membership/bionet (a saving of £5). Details of this offer will be sent to teachers to forward to your students following their participation in the competition.

Gopher Science Lab – another round of small grants to be announced soon! https://www.rsb.org.uk/gophersciencelabs

Gopher Science Lab supports students’ transition from primary to secondary school with peer to peer learning across age groups. Secondary school students learn how to deliver the range of Gopher Science Lab hands-on science activities to primary pupils. It gives all participating students ownership of their learning and helps them gain confidence. Details of the next round of small grants will soon be announced via https://www.rsb.org.uk/gophersciencelabs

Meet the Universities http://mtu.rsb.org.uk/

This unique event for post 16 students interested in studying the biosciences at university is being held on 1 July 2016 at the Royal College of Surgeons. Meet the Universities will give students the chance to speak with professionals about funding opportunities and student loans; meet university representatives and learn about the application process and explore the wide range of excellent bioscience degrees on offer from universities around the UK. Booking for Meet the Universities is now open at http://mtu.rsb.org.uk/

Transition from School to University https://mysociety.rsb.org.uk/events/event_thenewcontexttransitionfromschoolsintohighereducation

The Royal Society of Biology’s Curriculum Committee are hosting an event for school and HE teachers at the University of Birmingham on 8th July, which will focus on students’ transition from school to university (https://www.rsb.org.uk/images/RSB_Curriculum_Committee_Transition_Event.pdf). It will offer an insight into the changes that are taking place in schools and how these impact on the skills students bring to university. There will be discussions on biology content, practical skills, maths skills, development of post 16 curriculum, innovative teaching in schools and universities and collaborations between schools and universities. Booking is now open via https://mysociety.rsb.org.uk/events/event_thenewcontexttransitionfromschoolsintohighereducation