BP Ultimate STEM Challenge 2017-18

BP has launched the Ultimate STEM Challenge (USC) for a fourth year, in partnership with the Science Museum and STEM Learning. The key aim of the USC is to encourage students to explore the wide range of practical applications of STEM subjects in a series of three real world challenges, ultimately inspiring young people to consider the wide variety of STEM related careers on offer. 

A key element of the success of the USC is the crucial role STEM Ambassadors can play in both supporting and encouraging schools to participate, while helping students to better understand the application of science and engineering in industry today.

This years’ competition will involve an initial assessment of submissions, leading to a semi-final (not attended by schools), concluding with a final to be held in London in spring 2018, for the semi-finalists and finalists.

USC 2017 - The challenges

This year students aged 11 to 14 will develop solutions to three real-world challenges which will reduce natural resource use or bring down greenhouse gas emissions:

  •          Handy Hydro: Create an efficient design for generating electricity from moving water 

  •          Parched Plants: Grow indoor plants using a sustainable method that conserves water 

  •          Brilliant Biogas: Build a system that generates bio-methane from food waste 

The challenges are designed to inspire all students, not just science enthusiasts. For further details please see the attached powerpoint “My sustainable future”.

There are some fantastic prizes to be won, including:

  •         a celebratory event at the Science Museum, London
  •         £500 for the winning school
  •         Science Museum goodies.

Key dates - The deadline for entries by schools is: 12th January 2018, withfinal event will be held at the Science Museum in London, March 2018.

The role of the National STEM Learning Network in supporting USC 2017

This year, the National STEM Learning Network will support USC 2017 in a number of ways:

  •        Provide an updated section on our website for teachers to access a variety of information and support.  This will contain resources, materials and an online community discussion group for both STEM Ambassadors and teachers:   https://www.stem.org.uk/ultimate-stem-challenge-2017.
  •        Support with promotional activity to both raise awareness of the USC, and encourage as many state funded schools as possible to engage.
  •        Match a STEM Ambassador or STEM Ambassadors to those schools who have requested this support, providing an overview of the reach and impact of Ambassadors’ engagement in the USC 2017.
  •        Recruit STEM Ambassadors to participate in the semi-final judging in early 2018.
  •        Support the final celebratory event at the Science Museum, London in March 2018

Useful sources of information

For further information contact ambassadors@winchestersciencecentre.org