Week 11 - Birds


Welcome to your eleventh week's challenge - it's all about birds! 

Grown-ups guide

Adults - before your children start this week's challenge, please take a look at the Grown-Ups Guide which provides a summary of the week's activities, what the children will need and the curriculum links. We'd also recommend having a look at Activity 4 as this explains the science behind each activity which may help you support younger children if needed. 

Grown-Ups Guide (PDF) 

Birds Activities 

Monday - Wednesday

We would like children to complete three activities, one per day. Please remember to document progress with drawings, photos, films, scrapbooks etc. 

Monday - Activity 1

Tuesday - Activity 2 

Wednesday - Activity 3


Now that children have completed three activities, we'd love to see their photos, films, drawings etc so that we can see how they got on with each activity. Use the links below to follow us, tag and share your posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 


Use this final activity to evaluate your children's progress - what worked well, what could you have done differently etc. Evaluation is a really important part of being a great scientist. Scientists always document their work and record their findings. By doing this they can try different things to see what works and just as importantly, discover what doesn't work! 

Activity 4


Just for fun, why not put your bird knowledge to the test with our birds wordsearch! 

Wordsearch (PDF)