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Welcome to Science@Home! Here you can find educational, inspirational and fun resources for your family to enjoy at home. Try out our super simple Science Sizzle experiments, enjoy hands-on activities in our Curiosity Challenges and learn all about some exciting STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) careers.

Our aim for Science@Home is to to get families learning and laughing together, with activities that will enable children to build their science inquiry skills – to think creatively, design, build, test, ask questions, research and evaluate – just like STEM professionals!

You'll be able to find all this here on our website or visit our Facebook page for all this plus more, including DIY Science videos, behind-the-scenes photos of the Centre and exciting industry stories.

Summer Science Sizzles

Every week during the summer school holidays we brought you a new Science Sizzle - simple experiments that the whole family can get involved in using equipment that can be found in your home!

Check out our suggested kit lists and then join one of our Inspirers in a 'how to' video. Then it's up to you how far your curiosity will take you - we've shared what we did, but we would love to see what your testing involved.

Balloon Car
Egg Jackets
Insect Pooter
Growing Cress
Cabbage Water Indicator
Brilliant Bubbles

STEM Career of the Week

We're passionate about inspiring the next generation of STEM superstars. Find out about some of these exciting roles through mini challenges, fascinating facts and skills tips. 

Rollercoaster Engineer
Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technician
Medical Illustrator 

Curiosity Challenges

We love it when families can work together to learn about STEM. Our Curiosity Challenges each involve three hands-on activities plus the science bit to explain what you've been doing. 

Mission Space
Sounds of the Sea
Observing Space
Family Band
Sound in Space
Food Chains
Martian Mission
Weather in Space

Spectacular Science and DIY Science Demos

Bring a little bit of Science Centre magic into your homes with DIY science experiments that you can try yourselves and spectacular science demonstrations that you should definitely leave to us! Check out our YouTube channel for all the latest videos. 

Spectacular Science - Ice on Fire
Spectacular Science - Exploding Bubbles
Spectacular Science - Whoosh Bottle
Spectacular Science - Elephant's Toothpaste
DIY Science - Refraction
DIY Science - Lava Lamp
DIY Science - pH Testing

Share your experience and help inspire others!

Please take photos of your children completing the activities and their achievements – we’d love to see them and share them with others to inspire more children to take part. You can share images in the following ways: 


Curiosity Challenges / STEM Career of the Week

Sun 26 Apr 2020


Sun 19 Apr 2020
Observing Space

Observing Space

Sun 12 Apr 2020
Sounds of the Sea

Sounds of the Sea

Sun 05 Apr 2020


Sun 29 Mar 2020
Mission Space

Mission Space