Brilliant Butterflies


Brilliant Butterflies

Did you know that Winchester Science Centre is located in the stunning landscape of the South Downs National Park? There's so much wildlife around us and with Brilliant Butterflies our STEM NOW team have worked with our neighbours at the Butterfly Conservation to create a free seasonal show and accompanying resources. 

Perfect for school classes, youth groups and families with children age 5 to 12 years old. Join our friend, the intrepid caterpillar, as it begins its adventure towards becoming a brilliant butterfly. Explore curriculum related themes such as habitats, food chains and life cycles as well as broader topics such as transformation and the links between wellbeing and the natural world. 


A story of transformation


60 Second Scientist - Do butterflies taste with their feet?



Supporting Resources from STEM NOW

Debate: Butterflies - suggested topics for discussion
Learning Game: Build a Butterfly - a game for two or more players
Learning Game: Butterfly Snap - a game for two to three players
Stand Up Science: The Big Butterfly Count - find out how to identify different butterfly species (contributes to a child's recommended 60 minutes of active learning per day)
Environmental Careers Board - information from people working with the environment


Supporting Resources from Butterfly Conservation

Butterfly and Moth Life Cycles - find out more about the incredible transformation that takes place
Helping Butterflies at your School - tools to help butterflies that can be found in your school grounds
How to Identify Butterflies - tips to help identify butterflies
Colour By Numbers - get creative with a beautiful Peacock Butterfly colouring activity
Design Your Own Caterpillar - if you were a caterpillar, what would you look like?


Share your experience and help inspire others!

Please take photos of your children completing the activities and their achievements – we’d love to see them and share them with others to inspire more children to take part. You can share images in the following ways: