We are Stars (planetarium film, giant planetarium only)

We are Stars (planetarium film, giant planetarium only)

Fulldome film, 24 min + Q&A, Upper KS2-KS4, giant on-site planetarium only.

Time space adventure!

Hold on for a journey through time and space to discover where we came from, on a story that spans the billions of years between the Big Bang and modern day. Follow the thread that connects us all to those early times through the atoms from which our bodies are formed. Where did they come from? How did they get here? And is it true that we really are all made of stars?

Narrated by Andy Serkis, this new film from the UK producers of We are Aliens and We are Astronomers has already won awards. The script was developed with help from Winchester Science Centre's Head of Education & Planetarium, Dr Jenny Shipway. Find out more at wearestars360.com

The science content is most appropriate for KS3+, as it best suits those who have already encountered the idea of atoms. However, the entrancing Victorian fairground style and award-winning soundtrack will draw all ages into the magical universe created within this incredible show. The story spans the formation of hydrogen, nuclear fusion in stars, formation of asteroids, our own solar system and evolution of life from the very first cells.