The Solar System and Beyond (live)

The Solar System and Beyond (live)

Live, presenter-led show, 35min + Q&A, Key Stage Two Science(on-site planetarium), Key Stages Two to Three Science+ (mobile planetarium).


Starting at the night sky, then looking at the solar system before finding out what is beyond, this show gives an inspiring and engaging overview of astronomy. In the giant, on-site planetarium, this show is presented from the stage, allowing the presenter to interact more with the children than in shows like The Planet Show and Flight Through the Universe.

The show includes:

  • The Sun - it is a star, and a sphere, we should not look directly at this. Watching it set in the west
  • Day and night caused by the Earth spinning
  • The Moon
  • Other planets - discussing what they are formed from (solids, liquids, gases) and noting their relative sizes. Orbits around the Sun
  • Our Sun as one star in the Milky Way galaxy
  • Other galaxies, including imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope to explain how we know they are there

The general content for a show is the same in both planetariums, although the style of delivery and detail of content differs to best draw on the advantages of each setting.

The main difference between the two versions is seen at the larger scales where the giant, on-site planetarium is able to 'fly' between different scale sets seamlessly. The mobile planetarium however allows for more interaction during the show.

The mobile planetarium offers an extended, adapted Key Stage Three + version of this show (this version is not available in the on-site planetarium, which instead offers Discovering the Universe for Key Stage Three science).