The Planet Show (live, giant planetarium only)

The Planet Show (live, giant planetarium only)

Live, presenter-led show, 30min + Q&A, KS2+, giant on-site planetarium only.

The show starts with a quick look at the night sky, with a focus on any planets currently visible. Then the presenter starts to show off ...

The planetarium takes off from Earth and after a look back at our home world travels in one seamless flight out to the edges of the solar system to look back at the orbits of the planets before flying to visit each in turn.

This show is not available in the mobile planetarium due to differences in the technologies used.

Show content varies in response to new discoveries and topical news items, but may include the chance to peek through Venus' clouds using radar, to visit the Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars, to see eclipses on Jupiter or to fly through Saturn's rings. Every show is a little different as the presenter navigates an accurate 3-dimension model of the Universe in real-time.

The show is followed by questions and answers with the presenter.

The Planet Show is a highly effective way to challenge misconceptions created by the distorted scales used in other media: get an idea of how huge those distances really are compared to the sizes of the planets. 

This show is an extended version of the first part of Flight Through the Universe, and so it is not recommended to book these as a pair.