Secret of the Cardboard Rocket (film, giant planetarium only)

Secret of the Cardboard Rocket (film, giant planetarium only)

Fulldome film, 30min + Q&A, Reception & KS1-2, giant on-site planetarium only.

Beautifully child-centred show about the planets. Join two children as they explore our solar system in a homemade rocket. This show has simpler visual effects than our other film shows in places, but is very well structured for children, with gentle drama and plenty of brighter sections. And great music!

This show is not available in the mobile planetarium due to licencing issues.

Schools are usually recommended to choose live shows, but for R/KS1 wanting to 'see the planets' this is the top recommendation. The film is very cleverly made to help the children feel confident in the dome environment and the bright and dynamic visuals and simple language are excellent at holding the attention of even very young children. For these reasons is the only astronomy show available for groups with Reception children (the other option being The Life of Trees available in our mobile planetarium).

This show is very popular with children up to yr6 and so is an excellent choice for mixed-age groups. However, for children yr4+ you may prefer to request The Planet Show.

"The children were absolutely in awe of the show and each and everyone of them loved it. Absolutely spot on for our Year R children" - teacher comment.