Polaris, the space submarine (film, giant planetarium only)

Polaris, the space submarine (film, giant planetarium only)

Fulldome film, 29 min, KS1-2, good for SEN, giant on-site planetarium only.

A very enjoyable fulldome film with plenty of jokes and fun, during which there is an explanation of the seasons. This includes how shadows change due to the angle of the Sun. In the later part of the show, the characters visit other planets to compare them to the Earth, including a trip through Saturn's rings, seeing how they are made of ice.

The main characters - Vladimir the polar bear and James the penguin - try to discover why their homes have such long nights in winter. Vladimir's engineering skills and James' understanding of the scientific method help them carry out their investigation. Be aware some of the language used in discussing the scientific method is advanced for KS2.

This film includes jokes for the adults; try to spot the sci-fi film references!

Polaris, the space submarine and the mystery of the polar night has won the Audience Choice award at three different European planetarium festivals, and also Best Popular Science Fulldome Show. It is made by a French producer with an English soundtrack.

Schools are usually recommended to choose live shows, but if you would like your KS2 to learn about the seasons this is the best choice. 

This film is made to a very high quality, and with a mind to help younger children feel confident in the dome environment. The bright and dynamic visuals and language are excellent at holding children's attention, although below yr3 they might learn more from the less-stylish Secret of the Cardboard Rocket.