Flight Through the Universe (live, giant planetarium only)

Flight Through the Universe (live, giant planetarium only)

Live, presenter-led show, 40min + Q&A, upper KS2+, giant on-site planetarium only.

Incredible visuals controlled in real-time, giving a seamless flight through the observed universe, from the night sky (briefly), through the solar system (a few planets) to nearby stars and then slowly zooming all the way out to see our galaxy and the many other galaxies in the Universe. Perfect for ideas of size, scale and our place in space.  A great way to inspire/wow your kids. And the teachers!

This show is not available in the mobile planetarium due to differences in the technologies used.

The presenter is sat at the back during the show, controlling the system (each show is a little different, the children can even cheer to choose which planets to visit). They return to the front for Q&A after the show. 

This is the recommended show choice for KS4+ (please note it does not include stellar evolution or the structure of stars).

"The chap who did our planetarium show was exceptional. He really created the atmosphere and showed the aspects which children would be interested in." - yr5/6 teacher comment.