Discovering the Universe (live, giant planetarium only)

Discovering the Universe (live, giant planetarium only)

Live, presenter-led show, 40min + Q&A, Key Stages Three to Four Science. Available in the giant planetarium only.

An inspiring look at our Universe, understanding it through considering how light and gravity behave.

As with all live shows, the presenter is able to dynamically vary the level in response to the ability/knowledge of the audience on the day. In the giant, on-site planetarium, this show is presented from the stage, allowing the presenter to interact more with the children than in shows like The Planet Show and Flight Through the Universe.

This show is still in production and content may change during formative evaluation, but currently includes:

  • The electromagnetic spectrum (view of sky at different wavelengths).
  • How light from a source spreads out (but does not 'run out of energy') as it travels.
  • Seasons (including changes in light intensity due to angle).
  • Spacecraft (eg Hubble Space Telescope, Gaia, James Webb Space Telescope) that are used to find out about the Universe.
  • Gravity, including how orbits work.
  • Considering how light travels and using light travel time as a unit of distance to understand scale changes.
  • The structure of the solar system and galaxy.
  • Exoplanets.
  • Namecheck dark matter briefly (can be further discussed during Q&A).
  • Supermassive black hole at centre of Milky Way.
  • Other galaxies / scale of the Universe.

This show is not available in the mobile planetarium, which instead offers an extended/adapted version of The Solar System and Beyond for Key Stage Three Science.