Back to the Moon: For Good (film)

Back to the Moon: For Good (film)

Fulldome film, 23min, KS2-4+

Production led by the Google Lunar X-Prize project, created by the best UK full dome producers.

Back to the Moon: For Good recaps former Moon exploration, explains the Lunar X-Prize challenge and then showcases the different teams' work. They need to send a spacecraft to the Moon, land safely, move 500m and broadcast. Teams must be non-governmental and include groups of volunteers and students from around the world.

This show is available in both the giant, on-site dome and the mobile planetarium.

The show doesn't get too mired in engineering detail, rather it focusses on specific issues (eg weight, how to travel across the lunar surface), as explained by team representatives. An excellent introduction to what will be a big news story when the launches begin (the current prize deadline is in December 2015).

Classroom materials area available from Google at the X-Prize website

A 2D version of the show for preview or use during post-visit activities is freely available at . Please note this 2D show is not exactly the same as that presented in the dome, due to the extremely different format and loss of three-dimension information.