Astronaut (film, giant planetarium only)

Astronaut (film, giant planetarium only)

Fulldome film, 22min, KS1-4, good for SEN, giant on-site planetarium only.

Find out what it takes to be an astronaut. An enjoyable show covering how astronauts are trained, how space affects their bodies (includes a little KS3/4 biology) and the dangers they face (using a funny cartoon sequence). A good overview of the issues involved in human space flight in the shuttle era and an excellent choice if you have a mixed-age group.

This show is not available in the mobile planetarium due to licencing issues.

Please be aware KS1 children will not follow much of the narration, but love to see the astronauts working in space and laugh out loud at the cartoon sequence showing the dangers they face. We have had plenty of re-bookings for this age group.

Astronaut includes two short sections of flashing images potentially dangerous to photosensitive epileptics but you can be warned before these occur so that eyes can be covered (please let staff know when booking). This show does not include very much 'flying through space'.