School outreach

An exciting full-day science and engineering experience delivered inside schools by our team of Inspirers, based on the Science Centre's highly successful Explorer:Space exhibition.

Explorer:Space - Mission:Rescue

Mission:Rescue is a highly stimulating and immersive experience that takes children on a mission in space. During their expedition, they are faced with a series of unexpected events that challenge their success. Using the available tools and resources, the children have to think like engineers to find a crew missing in action, build a heat shield and safely land a spaceship. The children will need to be creative, communicate well and work as a team to find the solutions that will enable them to complete their mission. 

This full-day challenge includes four individual workshops that create an exciting full day activity for one group of up to 120 KS2 or KS3 children, ideally of the same year group.

The four sessions are:

  1.        Help a lost space shuttle crew to locate their position in the solar system
  2.        Use teamwork and ingenuity to build and launch a rescue rocket
  3.        Tackle the challenge of extreme temperatures in space and devise a plan to protect the rocket
  4.        Think like an engineer to design a rover that can transfer the crew safely to the rescue shuttle

Skills and Learning Objectives

Concepts covered will include reflection and refraction, Newton’s laws, forces, conduction, coding and programming and temperature differences. The students will complete a video diary during the day to monitor and measure their own progress, whilst being able to share this with class at the end of the challenge.   

This is also a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their skills in areas such as team work, communication and presenting.

Pricing Structure

Winchester Science Centre is run by an educational charity, with a mission to 'build science capital for all'. We want to make STEM education available to everyone and to help with this we have a benefit-based pricing structure. Discounts are provided for state-funded schools, schools with above average number of students receiving free school meals and our priority schools. 

Standard school rates: 

Price (VAT exempt) for Academic Year 2019/20


Price (VAT exempt) for Academic Year 2019/20:

From £12* (please call for a quote)



Price (VAT exempt) for Academic Year 2019/20:



Discounted rates for students from eligible schools

Price (VAT exempt) for Academic Year 2019/20


(including academies, multi-academy trusts, free schools and University Technology Colleges)

Price (VAT exempt) for Academic Year 2019/20:

From £10.80* (please call for a quote)



Winchester Science Centre priority schools and any school with 14% or more students receiving free school meals. 

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Price (VAT exempt) for Academic Year 2019/20:

From £9.60* (please call for a quote)


*Price per student dependent on group size. Minimum group size - 25 students. Maximum group size - 120 students.

How to book

Please call us on 01962 863791 and ask to speak to our schools booking team or enquire via email at

Cancellation and booking terms


1.1. Bookings are made for a specified number of activities for a specified number of students. Any changes must be confirmed in advance with Winchester Science Centre (WSC), who reserve the right to refuse service on the day if numbers are changed beyond the advertised maximum for the activity.

Payment Deadlines

1.2. An invoice will be issued after the booking, which will to need to clear within 30 days of the invoice date.

1.3. Accepted payment methods include credit/debit card, cheque and BACS transfer.

Booking Cancellations/Refunds

1.4. A sliding charge will be imposed for all cancellations or substantial changes to bookings as follows:

1.4.1. Less than 2 weeks from date of visit: 100% of original booking value.

1.4.2. Less than 1 month and greater than 2 weeks from date of visit: 75% of original booking value.

1.4.3. Less than 2 months and greater than 1 month from date of visit: 50% of original booking value.

1.4.4. Over 2 months from date of visit: £50 (refundable if visit is rebooked at the time of cancellation to take place within 6 months of the original visit).

1.5. If cancellation or substantial changes have to be made because of situations outside your control, for example bad weather or illness, then, provided the booking is rescheduled for a date within 6 months, the cancellation charge will be waived.

Requirements on the day

1.6. Unloading and parking facilities. If parking charges apply, please discuss in advance to ensure the Science Centre staff are aware and ready to pay on the day. Any parking charges will be added to travel costs for invoice.

1.7 Safe, secure storage for equipment to be stored when unattended (eg overnight for multi-day bookings). Must be protected from the elements. The hirer is liable for any theft/damage while the equipment is in storage on site.

1.8 All classes must be accompanied by a teacher or other appropriate adult.

Behaviour & Etiquette

1.9 The Science Centre staff reserve the right to ask any person(s) to leave the workshop and its vicinity if they are considered to be acting in an overly disruptive, dangerous (including danger to equipment) or otherwise inappropriate way. Teachers are responsible for ensuring anyone asked to leave does so.

1.10 If Science Centre staff are considered to have acted in an inappropriate way, the hirer is directed to make this known to them during the visit, and also to contact the WSC Director of STEM Strategy, Emma Diserens, at, tel. (01962) 891930.

1.11 If any equipment is damaged or stolen by a member of your school (including but not restricted to pupils or teachers) then you will need to compensate the Science Centre for the full replacement value of the damaged/stolen item(s).


By making a booking you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above.