Work is now underway to transform Winchester Science Centre’s lower exhibition floor into a brand new immersive zone that will take visitors on an epic journey through the Solar System.

Explorer:Space will be ready for take-off in time for the summer holidays, with the official launch date set as Friday 20 July. The new zone will encompass 20 fantastic modular exhibits, covering everything from space discoveries to atmospheric pressure to the first moon landing mission.

To celebrate the launch of Explorer:Space, our entire summer holiday offer will be space-themed, delivered in partnership with Destination Space. We will be offering a fantastic live science show exploring both the story and science of satellites as well as space-themed activities in the Invention Studio, including programming Mars rovers and building and launching rockets. There will also be a range of exciting space-themed activities around the Centre, including space rocks to examine and tours around a model of the surface of Mars. Winchester Science Centre will be the ultimate day out for budding young astronauts and space engineers this summer!

We look forward to rocket launching families into space this summer and delivering a truly unforgettable experience.

Preparing for take-off

We do not anticipate that the construction of Explorer:Space will impact upon visitors’ enjoyment of the centre. While this exciting period of transformation will see areas of the lower exhibition floor temporarily cordoned off, during this time we will implement a lower visiting capacity to offset the slightly smaller space available. Existing exhibits will be relocated to ensure that our valued visitors still enjoy all that we have to offer.